I just read a story of a brave great-great-grandmother who decided to celebrate her birthday paragliding. Just how old was this great-great-grandmother? How about 101 years old making her the Guinness Book of World Records oldest female paraglider.

When this Utah native was asked why she did it, she said she “didn’t want to be outdone by her 75-year old son who had recently started paragliding.” Now that’s one brave great-great-grandmother!

When I read that story it reminded me of Caleb in the book of Joshua. Caleb was one of the two spies who went into the Promised Land and brought back a good report. However, the other spies convinced the Children of Israel to turn back causing them to meander around in the desert for 40 years.

Caleb came to Joshua and said, “I am eighty-five years old today. 11 I am still as strong today as I was in the day Moses sent me…12 Now then, give me this hill country…”

Joshua did just that and God Blessed; so regardless of your age today take a cue from that Great-Great-Grandmother or Caleb and don’t quit. Just ask God to bless you and go for it!