Apparently, one man thinks that household smells are appealing to the perfume wearer.  A former Taxi driver from New York was often overwhelmed by people who wore too much offensive perfume. He said, “A lot of people would get into the cab wearing really heavy perfumes that made me sick.” As a result, he was both annoyed and inspired.

He founded a company called “I Hate Perfume” and started creating fragrances that he says “smell real” like dirt, grass, burning leaves, and roast beef. He warns readers to not be that person who suffocates people with too much perfume.  Aromas can comfort, offend, or enhance a situation. The science of scents reaches past memories and present trends.

The power of “Smell” is not a newly emerging idea.  Paul said Christians should be a pleasing aroma of God’s grace to everyone with whom we come in contact and as such we will honor God. According to the Bible it is our pleasing aroma of GOOD WORKS & POSITIVE WORDS that draw people to God instead of driving them away.

So think about today; if everything you said and did was a smell how would it affect those around you?

Have a Blessed, Sweet Smelling Day!