Recently, a man from Washington State named Dakoda was charged with stealing a rare coin collection worth over $100,000. Not only did he steal the rare coins, he had no idea how much they were worth and spent the coins at face value on movie tickets and pizza.

Some of the individual coins he spent were worth between $5 and $18,000 a piece. After his arrest, he now sits in jail for theft. As I thought more about the story, I wondered how many times we think of Jesus and know that He is of some worth, but do not truly realize His value; He is priceless!

Paul realized this as he closely examined who Christ was to each of us. The Apostle Paul said, “He is the image of the invisible God(Heb. 1)…and all the fullness of Deity dwelled in Him in Bodily form.”(Colossians 1/2)
As you think about Jesus today, realize the worth of who He is and the value of His sacrifice on the cross.
Have a Blessed Day
John Mark Caton, Ph.D