I just read an article about Lloyd & Eunice Ford who recently celebrated 83 years of marriage. When the reporter asked them the secret to a lasting and loving marriage, Eunice quickly replied that in their 83 years of marriage, they had never had a fight. Eunice said, “We have gotten mad at one another, but we never have fought.” Instead, Eunice remarked, “We walk off until we cool off.”

In other words, they did not simply stand around quarreling which usually entails heated emotions, stubborn opinions, raised voices and unresolved solutions. They understood that a heated fight usually “makes mountains out of molehills.”

Now that is some good advice.

In Proverbs, Solomon offers similar advice about ‘cooling off.’  He says, “Sin is not ended by multiplying words, but the prudent  hold their tongues” (Prov. 10:19).  Later in Proverbs he says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (Prov. 15:1).

So if you find yourself in a little bit of a tiff today consider walking off and cooling off.  This will give you time to remember that:

It is bad to MULTIPLY YOUR WORDS.  It is good to  HOLD YOUR TONGUE.

It is bad to USE HARSH WORDS.  It is good to  GIVE A GENTLE ANSWER.

Have a Blessed Day!

John Mark Caton Ph.D