“But Remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth.” Deuteronomy 8:18

Once sin entered the world, the reaping of God’s abundance was hindered and fractured! We had rebelled against God. His perfection and His will for us was forever altered, and this meant that Adam’s sin and God’s curse against it affected the soil of the ground. This is significant to how we view our work and our work makes us feel. Work has become painful and hard. Sin has fractured the original plan.

Understanding that work can be difficult is crucial for us as Christians; we gain perspective and understanding on why work will be marked with difficulty. It is hard because both the work and the people enthralled in it are players in this fractured world. So where does that leave us? It leaves us with an understanding of what we are against. Work will always wear you out, and if it does not, you are probably not working hard enough. Work will always have highs and lows; it will occasionally be painful, spiteful, and deceitful because we are all people have an underlying sin nature.

This corroborates the fact that we should not live our lives for our job. What we need to do is constantly ask God what He intends to teach us through our work. The difficulty and the refining process of work should sharpen believers each day. It is a place that we can be sanctified and have our character tested. Your place of employment can be a primary area for God to make us more Christ-like. If you can learn to serve Him in your everyday work environment you will be able to serve at church, at home, and in your community. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you to be loving, patient, and diligent in your work so that you can shine Christ’s light to those who may never come into contact with God’s love in any other area of their lives. Be obedient today and beg the Lord to make this plan known.


What changes can you make to improve your work situation?

Are you being an example of Christ at work?  If not- how can you change this?


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