“Commit your work to the Lord, and then your plans will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3

Most people spend the majority of their lives at a job! They are constantly thinking about: what to do next for the job, how to make the most of their efforts, how to solve certain issues, or how to communicate to people effectively? These thoughts dominate the mass majority of folks in the Western hemisphere. This is a way of life; however, some people ask a different question- Why do I do this? Why do I get up every day and go to this place and give one hundred percent to this job?

These are all great questions that need to be answered;  however, for Christians we should simply ask- How does our work fit into God’s plan and God’s will for our lives. How does God intend on using us each day at work?   Is God glorified through us each day in our work?  For many Christians, the answer to this last question may be “no” or
“I am not sure.” For many Christians this is potentially something we are being refined in daily to see Jesus shine through us as we do what he has gifted us to do.  We are told to be a good steward with work!  Unfortunately, a lot of people (including Christians) only see work as something for our personal gain or simply something to do to make-a-living, but God has given us work to Glorify Him, to see His name lifted high, and to see much made of Jesus through our obedience to Him.

We have always worked. Adam and Even worked, and it was good. Work is actually not a result of sin–from the beginning God gave us work to do. We have to view our work through this God-centered lens; it is about obeying the calling He has put on our lives to serve him daily. We should no longer look at work for selfish gain.  When Adam and Eve stood with God in a perfect relationship they desired to work. They were fulfilled in their work. They were satisfied by their work. They did not see it as a means to the end or a place to climb a ladder, but their labors were viewed as a holy thing that brought joy to them and glory to God.


So, as you go to work today, ask yourself…Are you working for your glory or God’s glory?

What changes can you make to honor God at work?

Do people at work know that you are a believer?


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