Yesterday I talked about the reality that we can never stop striving to grow in our spiritual health. For the rest of the week we are going to look at how we can grow in some spiritual disciplines in the hope that as we do these things our relationship with God will grow. Today I want us to focus on the spiritual discipline of reading our Bible. The Bible is the measuring tool for us to know where we land in our spiritual health so if we don’t read it we will never know what it means to be spiritually healthy. If you are not currently reading your Bible I want to challenge you start by reading until you find a nugget of truth that you can apply to your life. When you find that truth meditate on it for the rest of the day and allow it to press into your life and transform you. Let’s say that it takes on average 5 minutes a day for you to find an applicable truth. If you will do this a year you will have spent 30 hours in the word of God, and you will have meditated/memorized 365 truths in the Bible…that is transformational. If you do not know what book of the Bible to start in I would recommend trying the book of James. James is very easy to read and has a bunch of little nuggets of truth in it. We can find some motivation to read our Bibles from Psalms 119.
Psalms 119
• God’s word is Greater than all wealth and sweeter than Honey (vs. 72,127,162,103)
• God’s word should be our delight (vs. 16,24,35,92,111-112)
• We should long for God’s Word (vs. 20,81-82,131)
• God’s word helps keep us from sin (vs. 9-11, 133)
• God revives us through his word (vs. 25, 28, 93, 107)
• God’s word makes us wise and guides us (vs. 100, 105, 130)
• We need God’s help (vs. 18,34,36,38)
Caleb Beets
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