Trying to figure out if we are spiritually healthy can be a very difficult process, especially if we use the wrong standards to measure ourselves. Often times we make the mistake of looking around us and comparing ourselves to other people. We try to see where we land on a scale of being spiritually healthy based on those around us. The problem with doing this is we often times compare our strengths with the weaknesses of others, and we find ourselves getting spiritually out of shape because we think we have arrived at the peak of our spiritual healthiness.

There is only one scale when it comes to being spiritually healthy and that is the Bible, and there is only one man who has ever stood on that scale and been found healthy in every way, and his name is Jesus. All of us have areas in our lives where we need growth spiritually; we need to quit looking at other sinners, making excuses, and justifying the thought that we do NOT need to grow in the Lord.

In 1 Thessalonians 4:1 Paul acknowledges that Thessalonians are walking with the Lord, but he urges them to do so more and more. When it comes to our spiritual health, we are never done growing, and just like the Thessalonians, we need to strive after God more and more. You can feel Paul’s plea with the church in his redundancy “more and more”. He repeats his petition because he wants us to understand that we must always press on in our spiritual growth.

Ask yourself today- In what ways can I run after God more and more?

Caleb Beets
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