How many of us want to be happier?  I believe all of us.  If we were to inquire what most people really want in life, we would find that people have a strong desire for their families to be happy.  However, too often, happiness evades us.  I recently read an article about increasing the happiness in your life.  The text suggested a few key tips to happy living:  find more humor in life’s ups and downs; fully accept yourself and those around you, take some time to play a bit more, slow down a little, and de-clutter your schedule.

My very favorite suggestion from the article was that if you want to be happier, make someone else happy.  Yes according to research, the more people you make happy, the happier you tend to be.  Amazingly, that is exactly what Solomon said years ago in the Bible.  He said, He who refreshes others, will himself be refreshed.”(Proverbs 11:25)  So, if you are looking for a little more happiness in your life, make some changes in how you think and act, and best of all…consider making someone else happy today.

Think about it and have a blessed day.

John Mark Caton, Ph.D


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