Three Reasons I Endorse Scott Sanford for State Representative, District 70.

It is voting time; I do believe that every election becomes more and more important as:

a) Our government  seems to be losing its moral way.

b) Our government does not seem to have the courage to balance budgets.

c) Too many of those running for office are politicians and not real people.

Here are Three reasons I support Scott Sanford for State Representative, District 70:

1) ENDORSEMENTS: Scott Sanford is the only candidate with these endorsements: Kelly Shackelford, Liberty Institute; David Barton, Wallbuilders; Hon. David Brooks, McKinney City Council; Hon Ray Ricchi, McKinney City Council; Hon. Ray Smith, Mayor, Town of Prosper; Cindy Meyer, McKinney Tea Party; Chuck Molyneaux, McKinney Tea Party; Rev. Trey Graham, FBC Melissa; Rev. Mike Buster, Prestonwood Baptist Church; Rev. Marc Rylander, Rev. Jeff Young, Prestonwood; Carol Ownby, McKinney Christian Academy; Texas Home School Coalition; Texas Right to Life; Concerned Women for America; Texans for Fiscal Responsibility; Coalition for Better Government; Conservative Republicans of Texas; Young Conservatives of Texas; Texas Action; Texas Tea Party Alliance; Texas Medical Association; Texas Association of Business; Texas Association of Realtors; Collin County Association of Realtors; Apartment Association of Greater Dallas; Texas Apartment Association and countless other meaningful endorsements. You can see the full list of endorsements at
2) EXPERIENCE: Scott is a proven business leader. Prior to joining the staff at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church, Scott was a successful accountant and entrepreneur. Since joining our staff years ago, Scott has been the Executive Pastor at our church with the direct responsibility and oversight of finance and budget. In every year, Scott has balanced our budget while leading our church to expand its ministry and campus. You can be sure, that in a church our size it takes grit and courage to balance a budget. You have to be willing to say no to some ‘good’ things in order to say yes to the ‘best’ things. This experience will be invaluable to Scott as he serves your community.
3) TRUSTWORTHINESS: Scott has proven through the years to be a man of integrity and character. I have known Scott Sanford for over twenty years, but even before Scott served on our staff, it was clear to me that he was a recognized, trustworthy leader among his peers.

If you want to learn more about Scott please visit:

These are my reasons for not only supporting Scott Sanford but endorsing him. Your vote matters…every vote matters!
John Mark Caton, Pastor
Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church