Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran a list of its best relationship columns from 2012, and the top article was titled, “Divorce’s Guide to Marriage.”

The column was based on the simple premise that if you want a great marriage, talk to a divorced person about what went wrong in his/her marriage.

The article states, “Research shows that most divorced people identify the same top five regrets—behaviors they believe contributed to their marriage’s demise and that they resolve to change next time.” One researcher said, “Divorced individuals who step back and say, ‘This is what I’ve done wrong and this is what I will change,’ have something powerful to teach others.'” What is the number one lesson learned by divorced people? 41 percent said they would communicate differently.

One thing is for sure…Invest in your marriage.  If your marriage is great, prepare for the future by making it stronger.  If your marriage is struggling, do not ignore problems; try to tackle them.  I want to invite you to our upcoming marriage seminar called “Love and Respect.” In this conference, you will learn to communicate effectively and love and respect each other deeply.

After all, that is the real key to a loving marriage.

Think about it, and have a blessed day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D