What Is Advent? – November 30, 2015

 No doubt you spent some time over the weekend doing some shopping, perhaps way too much shopping. This Sunday, I will begin a new teaching series titled ‘Advent Conspiracy.’ The word conspiracy means an evil plan or plot. While modern cultural ideas of Christmas are not necessarily evil, and they were not really a plot, the cultural idea of Christmas is far from what it was originally intended to be. That word, Advent, is not one we use much, but it is one we hear a lot this time of year, and perhaps you don’t know the true meaning. The origin of the word comes from the combination of two Latin words, “ad” which means, “to” and “venire” which means, “to come or arrive.” So, taken together, the word advent means “to arrive.” When properly spoken of, Advent begins four Sundays prior to Christmas,  yesterday, and ends on Christmas Eve.

Over the years, the word “adventure” developed from the word Advent, and the best adventure ever was filled with Promise, Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, and the birth of Christ. Each day this week, my inspirational thought blog and radio message will share one verse that will remind you about the meaning and purpose of Advent. Join me tomorrow and we will start our Christmas adventure.

Take care and have a blessed day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D