In my last blog we looked at what kids worry about in our society. Today I want to focus on what teens worry about most.

Although, what teens worry about is different than what adults or kids worry about, those worries are just as real.

Here are the top four things teenagers worry about:

-Teenagers worry about the FUTURE

-Teenagers worry about FAMILY DIFFICULTIES

-Teenagers worry about GRADES

and finally,

-Teenagers worry about what OTHER PEOPLE THINK of THEM

As parents of teens, part of our responsibility is to help guide them through their worries and fears.

The Psalmist offered some sound advice for us to give our TEENS as they grow up saying, “Look at the blameless and observe the upright for a good future awaits those who seek PEACE” (Ps. 37:37).

Proverbs tells us to teach our teens to look for good examples of right behavior and a great future awaits them.

As Parents we can never forget that the best advice we can ever give to our kids is with our ACTIONS as they speak volumes over WORDS.