Neilson Rating Service recently published a report saying, “In one month, Americans spent 53.5 billion minutes on Facebook.” To put that into perspective, 17.2 billion minutes were spent on Yahoo and about 12.5 billion minutes were spent on Google. Americans spent almost twice as much time on Facebook as they did on Yahoo and Google combined.

This social network site enables us to take a quick peek into someone else’s life without too much time, effort, or worry. Sometimes we treat God like He is a “Facebook friend”.  We only log in when we have something to report or want to see what He is doing in the lives of our friends. We treat God like He is someone to interact with infrequently and at a distance. It was not intended that our relationship with Christ be mundane chatter.  Important relationships require effort-filled communication.

God has loved us since the beginning. He has seen our failure and our success, and He is not about to give up on us now. If we authentically engage in a relationship with the Lord, nothing will take that love away.

In Jeremiah 31:3, Scripture reminds us, “God has loved us with an everlasting love.” None of us makes the cut when it comes to deserving God’s love, yet it’s there for the taking. God offers a love that will never fail. Don’t keep God as a Facebook icon in your life. Live your life with God. Feel His love and love Him in return.