Job 6:11, “What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient?

This week’s blogs have focused on setting goals:

Day one- Setting goals keeps us from being copycats.
Day two- Setting goals keeps us focused on being what God wants us to be.
Day three-Goal setting is a statement of faith.
Day four- Setting goals helps focus our time and energy on what is important.

Today I want to examine the concept that- Goals keep us going. My goals give me hope when things do not look good. My goals help me endure the tough times and stay persistent during the difficult days. Most of us are familiar with the Story of Job in the Bible. Job lost everything.

Job said, “I do not have the strength to endure….I do not have a goal that encouraged me to carry on!” In other words, Job was saying that when he didn’t have a goal in life, he wanted to give up! Truth be told, hard times will do that to us sometimes. However, when you look to the end of the book, you see that Job set some new goals and had new energy for the work ahead. Maybe you can relate to that today.

Think about it and have a blessed weekend!
John Mark Caton, Ph.D