As the first human to have orbited earth in space, John Glenn had a frightening “return to earth” experience.  His space capsule was plunging through the atmosphere when the retro-pack caught fire.  Then a strap swung around and hit the window. He told Houston, “That’s a real fireball outside.” Burning chunks of something were flying by and he wondered if the heat shield had burned off. The fireball silenced the radio and he had to sweat out re-entry alone.

When he finally splashed down in the Atlantic and his capsule was lifted aboard a recovery ship, the hatch was too hot to touch, so he had to blast the door open.  As a newly returned hero, his first words were “It was hot in there.”

John Glenn was glad to have returned home safely.

Let’s face it; life is full of challenges and fires to put out.  But church is a place that we can return to that allows us to re-charge and re-engage life with full force.

The bible tells us in Hebrews 10 to “not give up meeting together” to worship God and to encourage each other.  Returning to your place of worship will help equip you for the fireballs of life.

Scott Sanford

Cottonwood Creek Executive Pastor