High on the Billboard Top 100 songs and with 194 million views on You Tube, “What Does the Fox Say?” is truly a viral phenomenon. The song tries to answer a silly question, but it never gets answered to anyone’s satisfaction.

On the other hand, a serious question that has a substantive answer isn’t making any charts or You Tube records, but it is a question we really should ask more often, “What does the church say?”

Here are some serious observations about the value of your local church:

It is church that supports families.

It is church that teaches honesty.

It is church that fosters faithfulness.

It is church that teaches right from wrong.

It is church that encourages contentment.

It is church that values parenting.

It is church that promotes hard work AND rest.

It is church that educates on paths to life or death, and encourages the path to life.

That is what the church says!

Scott Sanford

Executive Pastor Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church