D/FW fans are looking forward to the day that a major pro sports trophy returns to the area.  We would love for the Mavericks to win another NBA title and bring home the Larry O’Brien trophy or for the Stars to win the Stanley Cup again, or the Rangers could show off another American League Pennant.  And then the real long-shot, the Cowboys could win the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy.

All of these teams are exciting, yet imperfect. Even though they have their ups and their downs, we usually remain fans and continue to hope for the best while watching or attending their events and cheering them on.

There is another local team that has championship values and works hard week in and week out to strengthen its players.  It’s your church.

Church is that place where  imperfect people come to worship their Creator who loved them so much that He sent His only Son to live, suffer, and die as He took on the penalty of sin upon Himself so that we would not be burdened with it.  Church is that place where we hear encouragement from the Bible to receive the love of Christ, grow closer to Him, and share that love with others.

This week, make sure you are still on the active roster of your local church team.

Scott Sanford

Cottonwood Creek Executive Pastor