Today’s Inspirational thought is written by Kathy Bennett, Women’s Minister at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church.

A woman was traveling along the coast of Croatia. Before leaving, she journaled and asked God to make her a good witness to the owners of the room she was renting in the next city.

When she arrived, the owner surprisingly extended an invitation to join her the following afternoon. She recorded this amazingly clear answer in her prayer journal. She writes on one side of each journal page and uses the blank page across from it to record progress, insights, or answers.

Otherwise, she says, I’m prone to forget how often God says “yes” to something I’ve prayed about or how often His “no” answers have saved me from something stupid.

Scripture reminds us, “Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things He does for me” (Psalm 103:2).

Are you in the habit of recording God’s answers? Try it and notice God’s blessings, challenges and protection in your life.

Kathy Bennett