Recently, a North Texas man became the first bowler in a wheelchair to ever bowl a perfect game.  Bowling a strike is hard enough. Bowling 12 in a row is very rare, and as far as anyone knows Shawn Beam is the only person to ever bowl a perfect game from a wheelchair.

Shawn has been in a wheelchair all his life. He took up bowling when he was a teenager, and although he has had many great games, he recently had the opportunity for a PERFECT game. After bowling 11 strikes, Beam attempted his final roll of his perfect game.

He said, “When I threw the last shot I felt like I did everything right. When the pins all fell, the feeling was just amazing,”  And, he hopes that others who are in wheelchairs know that reaching their goals is possible.

In the Gospel of Luke, the Angel told Mary, the Mother of Jesus, just that: “Nothing is impossible with God!” (Luke 1:37). People who trust in God during difficult times realize this simple fact every day.

God is SO MUCH HIGHER than our problems, pain, and perceived impossibilities and NOTHING is impossible with Him.

Don’t ever forget that, and have a blessed Day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D