Hi, this is Justin Frazier, Associate Pastor at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church with your Inspirational thought of the day.

Do you know that your work is important to God?

Sometimes it can be very hard to live out your Christian faith in the midst of a culture that values self-promotion and materialism.

In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus opens his famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’ by listing the values of the Kingdom of Heaven – which stand in stark contrast to the values of the world.  If you’ll allow me to paraphrase and compare:

  • Our culture says, “Blessed are those with great wealth.” Jesus says, “Blessed are those who admit their poverty of spirit.”
  • Our culture says, “Blessed are those who indulge in all the world has to offer.” Jesus says, “Blessed are those who mourn and whose hearts are broken by the things that break the heart of God.”
  • Our culture says, “Blessed are those who assert themselves and take what they want.” Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek, the gentle, and those who have learned to live for others.”
  • Our culture says, “Blessed are those who are publicly praised and celebrated.” Jesus says, “Blessed are those who live righteous and good lives, even if the world misunderstands them and considers them to be foolish.”

You see, faith is much more than a publicly proclaimed set of religious beliefs. Faith is, instead, the willingness to embrace the life and values of Christ in a world that is skeptical and sometimes even hostile. And, our faith is never challenged more than when we are in the workplace, where the values of wealth and success are championed most openly.

There is no higher calling than to live as Christians in our daily work. And no other arena presents such an obvious opportunity to demonstrate the more fulfilling and meaningful way of life in Christ.

Have a blessed day!

Justin Frazier, Associate Pastor @ Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church