Have you ever gotten lost?  I know that I am a man, and men do not officially get lost, but I must admit that there are times when I am in route to a new destination only to realize that I have no idea of where I am currently located?  Being lost stirs different emotions of fear, panic, frustration, and anger.   I think it is safe to say that we all dread being lost.

I truly feel that this same dread is evoked when we realize that we are spiritually and emotionally lost. It is not easy to navigate God’s plan in our lives. Google and Garmin cannot warn us when we need to RECALCULATE our courses.  Often times our courses drift slightly with a bad choice or a difficult event, but if left unchecked, that slight redirection can lead to a destination away from God, away from those we love, and away from success and peace.

In Genesis, we learned that Joseph was loved by his father and hated by his brothers. He had dreams of being something great before his route took a detour, and he was sold into slavery by those he loved, eventually ending up in a foreign land spending extended time in a foreign prison, feeling alone and forgotten.  Needless to say…Joseph did not plan any of that.  Most of us grow up with an idealistic plan for our lives:  college, marriage, success, family… However, the truth is that for many of us, life does not GO AS PLANNED!

We are presented with opportunities and options as well as hardships and difficulties that need prayer, wisdom, and biblical foundation to navigate successfully. Remember, with God’s strength and focus, each of us can stay on course—EVEN WHEN LIFE DOES NOT TURN OUT LIKE WE PLANNED.

Think about it, and have a blessed day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D

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