As we have examined the life of David this week, we discovered some key life-lessons.
First, Do Not Let the Opinions of Others Determine Your Future. David had to overcome other people’s opinions about him. According to the Bible, he was the least likely among his brothers to be king. His father did not think that his son, David, would make a good king. So Remember: IF OTHERS DON’T THINK YOU WILL AMOUNT TO MUCH—JUST REMEMBER GOD DOES!

Second, Don’t forget to target Your Trust.. David had to overcome a great enemy, Goliath. But he only overcame the enemy by trusting in God. SO, IF YOU ARE FACING A GREAT OBSTACLE IN YOUR LIFE TODAY—DON’T QUIT—VICTORY MAY BE JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

Thirdly, Have a concentrated Friendship Focus. David had great friends. SO LOOK AROUND YOU AND DEVELOP GREAT FRIENDS WHO WANT WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. Oh, by the way, be a good friend to someone else.

Finally, We must overcome mistakes in our lives. David had to overcome great personal mistakes, and he did so by confessing them and asking for forgiveness. THE TRUTH IS, NONE OF US IS PERFECT, BUT OUR PAST FAILURES DO NOT EVER SINK THE SHIP WHEN GOD IS IN CHARGE.

Think about it, and Have a great day!
John Mark Caton, Ph.D
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Twitter: @johnmarkcaton