Most of us have had an opportunity to watch a video of a soldier returning home from an assignment to the surprise of his children.  If you’re like me, you fight to hold back the emotion from these incredible reunions.  They are powerful because of the love between family members and the willingness of all of them to sacrifice for each other’s well-being.

We also have an opportunity for an amazing return of our own.  As a matter of fact, we are being invited to the reunion by the Creator of the Universe Himself.

We are being invited to return:

To return to love.   To return to good deeds.  To return to making each other better.  To return to becoming better individuals, more committed family members, more positive workers, and more highly engaged community citizens.  We are being called to return to actively making the world better.  We are being called to return to the place that encourages us and equips us to bring hope to the despairing, food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, light to the darkness, and forgiveness to the guilty.

We are being called to return to Church.

Scott Sanford

Cottonwood Creek Executive Pastor