Hi, this is Ryan Ross, Missions Pastor at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church with your inspirational thought of the day.

Most Americans will spend today gathered together with family, eating a special meal, watching football, and sharing thanks for the year that has gone by. We pause today as a nation and give thanks. For most, today is a really good day.

The bible tells us to “give thanks in all circumstances.” Not just on Thanksgiving day, but everyday. Not just on the good days, but even the bad days.

Giving thanks forces you to be reminded of your blessings. The instructions to give thanks in all circumstances were given because God knows we will have bad days. Giving thanks takes the focus off of the many challenges and pains we face each day, and directs our attention to the things we do have. Even in the midst of a great trial, you can give thanks that you have life and a father in Heaven who loves you.

So give thanks today. Enjoy this special day. And when you wake up tomorrow, give thanks again.

Happy Thanksgiving!