Hi, this is Justin Frazier, Associate Pastor at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church with your Inspirational thought of the day.

Back when I was in college, I spent a summer as a kayak instructor at a local camp. I remember one specific afternoon when I decided that instead of teaching the boys from either sitting down in a kayak in the water or standing up on the dock – what I really needed to do was to combine the best of both strategies and teach standing up while straddling the bow of two kayaks in the lake.

My experiment started just fine. I stepped off the dock onto the bow of both boats and began instructing. But as you might imagine, things went downhill quickly from there. The two boats began to drift apart in opposite directions and I soon found myself in a position from which you just can’t recover! The whole thing ended with an awkward splash in the water, followed by laughter & applause of a dozen kids.

That experience reminds me of a warning from James 4:8 where he says– “…your loyalty is divided between God and the world.” Being a follower of Christ in today’s society is no easy task – and all too often we find ourselves trying to maintain this false sense of “balance” between our spiritual life and what the world demands from us. But just like my vain attempt at straddling those kayaks was doomed from the start, so our relationship with God will be significantly impeded if we attempt to keep one foot in the world.

God wants all of us, not just a part. As Christians we are directed to impact our world for Christ, not to try to find a sustainable balance between the two. So let your light shine, fight the good fight, finish the race – do everything to the glory of God. (And if you ever want to learn how to kayak, find an instructor who can show you sitting down!)

Have a blessed day!

Justin Frazier