Hi, this is Ryan Ross, Missions Pastor at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church with your Inspirational Thought of the day.

This morning as I was writing out this thought, my pen stopped working. It was designed and created for a task, but it was not doing what it was designed to do. When items stop working, we all get frustrated!

Unfortunately,  reality is that many people  have stopped doing the things they were created to do. They have forgotten why they were built.

The Bible reminds us that we were “fearfully and wonderfully made”  and  ”knitted together” perfectly by our creator.

Each and every one of us was created for a purpose in the image of God. Quite often the world will try and convince us that we are not up for the challenge in front of us… that we are not  good enough, strong enough, smart enough, or wise enough. Remember that God made you for His purposes and placed you right where you are today. Do what you were made to do, and bring Glory to God in the process!

Have a blessed day!