I think we can all agree that mistakes are a normal part of life. Truth is, we all fall short more often than we would like to admit. However,  how a person responds to those difficult times says a lot about his/her heart.

As a coach, I teach my players that everyone on the court, including myself, is bound to make a mistake. If the only focus remains on what I didn’t do right, then I can’t set my mind on helping the team overcome and get back on the right track.  I have to be willing to accept that a mistake was made and get right back in the game to give my best.

Throughout the book of Proverbs, we see that the virtuous will fall down many times and proceed to get up again, but the weak will stay distracted when mistakes happen. It’s true that things in life can knock us down, but why stay down? The view from the ground is no fun. So, whether your past holds a few or many defeats; shake it off, brush it off, or flush it and get going with the future. The importance is found in our response to get up and keep going!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D