We have all heard the statement, “When life gives you lemons, just make some lemonade,” and that is exactly what Derek Amato did.

Six years ago, Derek suffered a severe concussion after diving headfirst into the shallow end of a swimming pool. The recovery was long and slow but something good did come out of the accident.

Derek, who before the accident was a mediocre guitar player, became a piano-playing sensation without ever even taking a single lesson. He now creates original melodies in the keys that inspire the best musicians. He recently finished an album of original compositions with a second one on the way.

Those who know music, say that Derek’s post-concussion work sounds more like those of a musical savant than an untrained pianist or mediocre guitarist.

This story reminds me of what Philip Yancey once said, “In a miracle of grace, even our personal failures become tools in God’s hands.”

So if you’ve been knocked around in life a bit, ask God to help you make lemonade out of life’s lemons.

And Have a Blessed Day!