Researchers tell us that the traditional landline phone may soon be a thing of the past. While as teens, many of us remember spending hours talking to our friends or a special someone on the phone. That is not the case anymore. The latest Research (Pew Internet & American Life Project) shows teens are texting more and talking less. Only about 14% of teens talk to friends on traditional landlines.

However, the number of teens who text their friends or communicate through social network sites is rising daily. These statistics lead some to believe that talking on traditional phones will be obsolete within a generation.

While I do not know the future of telephone communication, I do know that there is one form of conversation that should never go out of style and it is called prayer! After all, it was God Himself who said, “You will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you” (Jeremiah 29:12).

Now that’s a call worth making!

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The study also found:
• 63% say that they use text to communicate with others every day
• 39% of teens make and receive voice calls on their mobile phones every day
• 35% of all teens socialize with others in person outside of school on a daily basis
• 29% of all teens exchange messages daily through social network sites
• 22% of teens use instant messaging daily to talk to others.
• 19% of teens talk on landlines with people in their lives daily
• 6% of teens exchange email daily