Parents with young children are often faced with the task of finding ways to keep their children entertained while traveling. Thanks to all the new technology out there, family sing-alongs and “I Spy” are mostly a thing of the past.

Recently, a father took his two children to visit their grandparents. He decided to let his kids stream movies from his Netflix account using a relative’s air-card on his laptop. Little could he predict the shocking bill from the wireless provider. His bill totaled more than $10,000 for what cellular provider clarified as Canadian roaming charges.

While cell companies may charge you too much for leaving home, God promises to be right there with you, and thank goodness, He doesn’t charge a roaming fee.

In Hebrews 13, God promises, “I will never leave you nor will I forsake you.” And that’s good news!

God is with us wherever we are and whenever we need Him and there is never a Roaming Charge.