An Ireland-based company has created handmade, 24-karat, gold shoelaces. Each set takes 120 hours to make and costs $19,000 on the company’s website. When you purchase a pair, it is delivered by security and laced for you anywhere in the world.

I did a little research and an average price for a pair of shoelaces is $3 to $7. Kennedy took something with very little worth and made it valuable.This is what God did for us. He looks at each of us and sees the potential value in every individual. He sees a hidden worth that is worthy to inherit the kingdom of God. He sees an individual worthy of the sacrifice of His Son. He sees us as valuable.

God’s gift of eternal life costs us nothing but is worth everything. When you believe in Jesus Christ and put your faith in Him, God promises to never leave us or forsake us and that is priceless!