A couple of weeks ago, Bubba Watson won the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club. When asked to what he attributed his winning, Bubba said it was based on his recent goal of improving as a person as well as a golfer.
After winning the Masters a few years ago, Bubba began to struggle on the golf course and in his life. He called his inner circle together and asked his closest friends and family members to help him figure out what he needed to change. Watson said, “I was so wrapped up in why am I not winning, that it created frustrations in my head and life.” Coming out of that meeting, Watson reordered his priorities as can be seen on his Twitter account. It read, “Christian, husband, daddy & Pro Golfer, in that order!”
From my perspective, that’s a pretty good pattern for us as well… Christian, husband or wife, daddy or mommy, and then whatever else we do…in that order! As you make your journey today, think about your Priorities.
And have a blessed day!
John Mark Caton, Ph.D