Recently, Runner’s World Magazine pitted the best “superfoods” against each other in what they considered a “Nutritional Food Fight.” Superfoods are those foods that are healthy and provide both energy and nutrition.

In the food division:
Turkey barely beat out chicken in the lean protein category.
Rye bread prevailed over wheat bread in the bread category.
Greek yogurt triumphed over regular yogurt in the yogurt category.
Oranges defeated apples in the fruit category.
And blueberries beat out strawberries for best in the berry category.

In the healthy drink division:
Green tea defeated black coffee.
Goat’s milk beat out cow’s milk.

While I’m not so sure I’ll be heading to the store today for goat’s milk, I do know of a spiritual milk that is the clear winner in the “Spiritual Superfoods Category,” and it is called the Bible. Peter stated, that we should “…desire the pure milk of God’s Word that by it we may grow.” Spiritually, that is.

By the way, the more you feed on God’s Word the stronger you grow. So don’t pass up your Spiritual Super-food today.

Have a Nutritionally Blessed Day!