Did you know that 2% of all lottery winnings across the nation go unclaimed? Some of the biggest unclaimed prizes over the years were in 2002 when $51.7 Million went unclaimed, in California when a $23 million jackpot went unclaimed, and just last year in Georgia, a $77 million jackpot remained untaken.

The catch with all lottery tickets is that if the winnings are not claimed within 6 months, then the money is forever forfeited.
On the contrary, there is one jackpot that never changes and never expires. In Jeremiah, God says He loves you with an “everlasting love.”  There is no time limit or expiration on God’s promise of love, forgiveness, and salvation.
Now that is something you can bank on every day of the year!
Have a Blessed Day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D