It’s On The House – June 21, 2016

Last Saturday, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit a vintage flea market in a church parking lot near downtown McKinney. The event was a fundraiser to help a really great lady in her battle against cancer. We picked up some gift items, visited with friends, paid for our items and left. Did I mention that it was 3:00 in the afternoon? It was really hot and muggy, so we were really thirsty. As we crossed under 75 on Virginia Parkway, we decided to pull into RaceTrac for a coke. We selected our cup sizes and filled them with crushed ice and Coke Zero with a splash of root beer.

My wife beat me to the counter to pay, chatted with the clerk, and began to walk away. As I caught up to her, she told me the clerk said the drinks were ‘on the house.’ We had not bought anything else, no gas, no snacks, nothing. We aren’t even regulars at that store. We just received a nice gracious gift by walking in. God’s grace is like that; it’s available as a free gift. You don’t have to be a religious customer or church-goer to get it. It just takes faith to ask.

Scott Sanford