Gladys Miller is a 106 year-old South Carolina woman who voted for the very first time in this presidential election. Miller, who can hardly walk, spent the day making her way to the polling place and casting her ballot in person!

As I thought about Gladys, I was reminded of Caleb in the Old Testament who at 85 years-old approached Joshua when they entered the Promised Land and told Joshua, “Give me the Hill Country….I am just as strong today as I was 40 years ago when Moses promised this land to me.”(Joshua 14)

So if you find yourself a little aged or perhaps in a rut today…take a cue from 106 year old Gladys Miller or 85 year-old Caleb in the Bible, and try something new.  Shake things up a bit because God is not done with you yet.


Have a blessed day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D