Psalms 90:12, Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Two teachers were once applying for the same Vice-Principal position at a local high school. One had been teaching a total of eight years and the other a total of twenty. Everyone expected the teacher with the greater experience to get the job, but the decision was made and it was the person with eight years teaching who was chosen. The teacher overlooked for the job complained bitterly and said, “I’ve got twenty years teaching to her eight” he cried. “I’m vastly more qualified.”
The School Board’s reply went like this, “Yes sir, you do have twenty years teaching to her eight, but where she has eight years of experience you have one year of experience repeated twenty times.”

It can be so easy to get stuck in the repetitions of life and we can lose sight of the great adventures that are always before us. Psalms 90:12 teaches us to be mindful of the shortness of our lives that we might live wisely. Simply experiencing the passage of time doesn’t mean we have grown or learned from those things we experience during that time. We are called to redeem each moment with wisdom and excitement as we grow in our God-given purpose.