Recently in Detroit, an elderly couple was voting when the husband stopped being responsive and fell to the ground. His wife began to scream, and luckily a registered nurse came to the elderly man’s aid. After finding no pulse or breath, the nurse began CPR.

Within a few minutes, the elderly man’s heart started beating again. When he gathered his breath, his first words were, “Did I vote?”
Dumbfounded, the wife told him that whether he voted or not was the least of their concerns. She stressed that their focus was on his health and his life. But, the stubborn man responded to his wife saying, “There are only two things that matter to me: That I love you and that I finished what I came here to do … vote.”…which he did.

As I thought about that story, I was reminded of the importance of commitment. Here was a man who had just suffered a heart attack, and his main concerns were that his wife knew of his devoted love and that he finished what he had started.
So today, let those you care about know how much you love them, and finish what you started! Don’t give up on your plans, your dreams or your ambitions.

Have a Blessed Day!
John Mark Caton, Ph.d