In the 2012 NFL draft, Chandler Harnish was taken as the 253rd and final draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts. As the final draft pick of the NFL, Chandler received the designation of “Mr. Irrelevant 2012” because the last draft pick almost never pans out and usually ends up being cut.

To say the least, being designated “Mr. Irrelevant 2012” is not a flattering term, but it does have its upside. Apparently, Mr. Irrelevant will be flown to Newport Beach California for a week long celebration of his unflattering designation where he will receive the very uncoveted “Lowsman Trophy;” which is the exact opposite of the Heisman trophy.

Honestly, I will be cheering for the underdog, Chandler Harnish, to overcome the odds. His story reminds me of David’s in the Bible.  No one, including his own family, thought he stood a chance at slaying Goliath, but he did and eventually became the Kind of Israel.  He was a champion in God’s eyes.

So if you feel a little irrelevant today, just remember no one is irrelevant in God’s eyes.

Have a Blessed Day!

John Mark Caton Ph.D