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As shocking as it sounds, the second person of the Trinity became a man and died to satisfy the first person of the Trinity. This satisfaction had to do with God’s righteous requirements found in the OT.   The Old Testament states, “The crux of the law is that we as creatures are to love our gracious Creator with our whole heart, soul, and strength—that is, with everything in our being at all times.”So more simply put, God made away for us to Him by sacrificing a piece of himself to accomplish it.. Jesus!
As John Piper brilliantly articulates, “Sin is not small, because it is not against a small Sovereign.””Don’t get so distracted by your lack of comfort that you miss the power of the message: Jesus died for you! He didn’t die begrudgingly. He didn’t die dispassionately.   No, Jesus died a tremendously painful death in order to fiercely protect you and show his extraordinary love for you by forgiving you”  (Darrin Patrick).  In Him you are forgiven! And it’s satisfiable because you can’t do it for yourself! 

Think about it, and make it a good day,

Randy Beggs, Spiritual Formations Pastor/ Adult 1 Minister/Missions Pastor