When constructing Main Street U.S.A., Walt Disney felt is was important to keep one thing in mind. “People won’t go down a long corridor unless there’s something promising at the end. You have to have something that beckons them to ‘walk this way.”

What motivates people to make decisions? Often, it’s a result of what they see around them that is working. Often people will try something themselves, and after success, they will embrace a concept. A critical requirement of teaching people anything; however, is first “getting their attention. From that point on, you have to influence their thinking, get them thinking in step with you, moving in the same direction mentally, intellectually and emotionally—and spiritually.

The question we have to deal with is… How do we get someone’s attention?  One way, like at Disney, is to give them something on which to focus. I have always personally been challenged by the Apostle Paul’s words, “…walk in a manner worthy of your calling for which you’ve been called.”  It’s so easy pick up successful habits from those who have attitudes, behaviors, and efforts that come from a walk that is humble, consistent, and earned through hard work.  Those that act opposite of those traits have our attention, but not in a positive way.  Does your walk line up with the attention you hope to receive? Take notice of your influence and become an example that others want to follow!

Nathan Quillan, Sports and Recreation Associate

Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church

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