Each Spring I am honored to lead a group of men through a journey where they learn more about being the type of men they are called to be. We challenge each other to be stronger husbands, intentional fathers, and servant leaders. At the end of the program, the men are asked to reflect on what type of legacy they hope to leave. Each man is supposed to choose one word that he hopes will help others to understand what his life represents. Words like strong, dedicated, faithful, and saved are usually the top responses.

What one word would describe you? Each of us has countless moments and opportunities to influence others, and our attitude, our expression, our demeanor, and our spirit impact this opportunity. Proverb 22:1 reminds us that a name is more valuable than wealth – favor is greater than all of the silver and gold! Every influence is remembered – some more than others.

So, what one word would others use to describe you? How can you impact the present and the future? Think about it, and have a blessed day.

Nathan Quillan, Sports and Recreation Associate
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