I will never forget the very first “over-the-fence” home run I hit in Little League. It was a glorious colossal moon shot, just barely making it over the 6-foot tall fence. As I turned each bag, friends from the other team congratulated me. When my right foot landed on home plate, my whole team had gathered to greet me with excitement. Even with all of that excitement, I remember looking to the stands to see my whole family cheering my great accomplishment, an unusual thing with parents that both worked to help meet the needs of my family.

Families are so busy these days that we sometimes neglect to think about the importance of the little times that make big impacts. When you consider 2 fishes and 5 loaves fed 5,000 people, imagine how big an impact just a little family time can make in the lives of your spouse, children, and even your parents. Every second of family time wasted has a great consequence on the potential of the legacy you can leave. Here are 3 little suggestion for a quality investment in your family:

1) Get out of the house. Plan something that keeps the family active and engaged under the light of the sun or the moon and the stars!
2) Serve together. Visit nursing homes, children’s hospitals, or plant a flower garden for a friend. Do something that makes a difference in another person’s life.
3) Sing crazy songs. Be fun. Be crazy.

Be a legacy maker.

What will you do this summer that will make a big hit out of little moments?

Nathan Quillan
office: 972.359.7777 x2525