Do you remember learning to ride a bike? It was a trust issue – nothing more, nothing less. There came a time when you had to take off the training wheels, put your feet on the pedals, and just allow the bike to take flight down the street. You might remember that the best advice you received was the repetitive proclamation “PEDAL! PEDAL! JUST KEEP PEDALING!” Once you made the leap the faith to keep pedaling, you never again lost the aptitude for bike riding. And even though you fell down, skinned your knee, crashed into a tree, mailbox, or even a car, you typically got up, got back on, and got going again.
Psalm 2:12 say, “Blessed are those who put their trust in Him.” Once we get on our faith ride, we will experience many of the same personal victories and temporary falls. But we will see our trust in God as we humbly get up and fight through the pains into the blessings that he has promised. If we listen closely, we will hear the repetitive proclamation, “TRUST, TRUST, JUST KEEP TRUSTING!”

Nathan Quillan, Sports and Recreation Associate
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