I recently read an interesting article about stress.  The author reminded us  that we all need stress in our lives to grow and become better.

The doctors in the article said there are two kinds of stress, “Negative Stress and what they termed as Pro-Stress or Positive Stress.”

Negative stress hurts us while positive stress improves us. And interestingly, the difference between negative stress and positive stress has nothing to do with what is creating stress in our lives to begin with.  Instead, it has everything to do with how we handle stress.

In other words, if we give up, or quit in the face of a problem it creates negative stress.  However, if you create a plan and take positive steps toward solving the problem, you can turn the stress into a “positive” experience and oftentimes overcome the problem—which will give you confidence to solve the next problem that comes your way.

Just as a weightlifter has to increase weight to get stronger, we have to see problems as opportunities to grow.   So, when stressful events come your way, develop a plan and take positive action.

Here is  how the Bible puts it—“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Think about it and have a blessed day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D

Pastor, Cottonwood Creek Baptist church

Facebook:  john mark caton, twitter @johnmarkcaton