Inspirational Thoughts from Randy Beggs:

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. (Romans 8:37 ESV)

“More than conquerers!”

Jesus is the completion! We will be restored due to His perfection! Have you ever considered that faith in Christ leads to a forever, eternal, no going back redemption that stretches way beyond us and our merit and our effort? God has ordained in His glory a place where we eternally get to stay complete!  In Heaven there is no sin, no tears, no brokenness, no hatred & rivalry-nothing but completeness! I am not sure we can truly wrap our minds around Heaven because of our sin and our limited knowledge; however, it takes faith.  Today, If you sit in a position of doubt and hopelessness be encouraged by Christ.  Be supported by God’s gift to you when He sent His son to this world for you, for your sin, for your imperfection.   Eternity doesn’t come down to your ability; Jesus already has conquered it on your behalf. Eternity comes down to your availability:  you have to chose to accept or reject Christ.

Something to think about TODAY!

Randy Beggs, Youth Pastor @ Cottonwood Creek


“In a thousand ways, God will gather what’s scattered, rebuild what’s broken, restore what has been emptied out by centuries of waste and fraud. In a thousand ways, God will put right what’s wrong with his glorious creation.”

-Cornelius Plantinga