Inspirational Thought by Randy Beggs:

We live in days of abounding religious profession. There are more places of public worship now than ever before. More people attend worship, and yet  in spite of all this public religion, I believe there is a vast neglect of private prayer. Prayer is one of those private transactions between God and your soul which no eye sees;  therefore,  men are tempted to pass over and neglect prayer. I believe that thousands never utter a word of prayer at all. They eat. They drink. They sleep. They rise. They go forth to their work. They return to their homes. They breathe God’s air. They see God’s sun. They walk on God’s earth. They enjoy God’s mercies. They have judgment and eternity before them, but they never speak to God.

They behave like creatures without souls. They have not one word to say to Him in whose hands hold their life and breath, and all things and from whose mouth they must one day receive their everlasting sentence. How dreadful this seems; but if the secrets of men were only known, how common.

I believe there are tens of thousands whose prayers are nothing but a mere form, a set of words repeated by rote, without a thought about their meaning.  

J.C. Ryle hit the nail on the head, we are a people consumed with many things that distract us from genuine prayer. My concern is if our prayer is not genuine then how can our relationship to Jesus he? Be encouraged today to seek The Lord, to be real with your time alone with God!

Randy Beggs, Youth Pastor @ Cottonwood Creek