Psalm 132:7 says, “Let us go to His dwelling place, let us worship at His footstool.”
On January 17th, a Canadian couple discovered they had won the lottery worth over $50 million. There was a problem. The lottery ticket went missing. Even after a frantic search of their home, garage, yard and anywhere else they could think, they thought they had lost it.

As you can probably imagine despair sunk in. They thought they were millionaires one day and then for several months they thought they were not. On April 1st, a church friend contacted them and said they had found the ticket at the church. Joy turned to sadness had now turned into joy again. The ticket to real happiness was right there all the time. It was at the church.

I wonder how many people are like that couple today? They can remember the days of faithfulness to God and regular church attendance that were filled with happy times. But now they are searching for happiness and joy in their next big purchase, in their homes, in their garages or on ball fields each Sunday. However, the jackpot of joy just isn’t to be found.
Instead, the real ticket to joy is right there where it has been all the time….at the church.

Think about it and have a blessed day!
John Mark Caton, Ph.D
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