It’s summer and baseball is now the major sport focus! There is nothing quiet as exhilarating as bottom of the 9th comebacks. After a game against the Giants in 2013, Matt Kemp of the Dodgers literally gave the shirt off his back to a young fan that was going through some tough times. As if that weren’t enough, the kid also got a baseball signed by Kemp, Kemp’s shoes, and Kemp’s hat. In that moment, Kemp considered this youngster’s needs above his desire to get off the field and in the shower. He took the time to lift the spirits of a kid and could not realize the potential of what his gesture might do for the confidence of a hurting fan. This takes the concept of “fan appreciation day” to the next level.

Have you considered voicing a simple appreciation or encouragement to someone just because you can? Too often we wait for the obvious moment to go above and beyond for others in recognition or gestures that show that they are important. It doesn’t have be the shirt off your back, just a kind word from your lips.

Think about it, and have a blessed day!

Nathan Quillan, CCBC Sports and Recreation Associate
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